About Us


Interior Greenscapes has been providing interior plant design and maintenance of plants for commercial and residential clients since 1995 here in the Treasure Valley of Idaho. We also provide exterior plantings, holiday decor, special events, silk replica and fresh floral designs. Our customized products can be leased or purchased by businesses and residential clients.

Our mission is to provide a positive impact on the environment through green space designs. We achieve this through a team effort of experienced designers and trained horticultural technicians. The benefits of living plants enhance any space by improving the living and work space.


Our goal is to enhance the health, mood and productivity for employees and our customers. We begin this process by giving you a free onsite consultation visit to optimize the best design and plant choices for the space. We will then provide three packages based on service and design parameters that are customized to fit your vision and budget. Upon completion of the design process our team will schedule a convenient time to install your new greenscape.

From large atriums to small offices, we have completed them all. We have a seasonal and event team that collaborates with the vision of our clients and will  provide you with an amazing green space design that is guaranteed to grow a healthy environment.


Interior Greenscapes has proudly served the region since 1995. We work closely with our clients in the creative process to ensure a growing healthy environment. We believe in the biophilia effect, which is our innate tendency to be drawn to nature or living systems. Our designs reflect this belief that plants have an impact on human health, performance and well being.


Owned and operated by Lisa Harris Seehof, a professionally trained landscape designer and horticulturist. She applies her expertise by bringing together, innovation and consistent quality that are firmly planted in business ethics.


Our reputation is based upon our high quality service, installations, and responsiveness. Customers also appreciate that we are open to inquiry and respond in a courteous and professional manner. Our vision is to become a leader in Idaho’s interiorscape industry, and be a positive example to other business associates. To have direct influence on the environment and those who are in it. To bring together a horticultural service that is in constant development towards customer consciousness, both internal and external. To simulate a creative environment that promotes education, learning, and cooperative team efforts.


We strive to exceed performance levels and measure our success by the trust our clients have in us. Our company not only stands behind the quality of our product, but the people who develop and perform it.